Board of Elders

" a ministry of spiritual care"

The Board of Elders is a group of men from the Shepherd of the Hills congregation selected by the congregation to serve a two year term.  If the elder is willing he can continue to serve for as long as he desires with the approval of the congregation.  The elder must serve his minimum term, but health. or other mitigating issues can be cause for the board of elders to accept his early resignation.

The chairman of the board of the elders is elected by the serving board members at the beginning of the yearly term.

By the congregation constitution and bylaws each elder may be responsible for up to a maximum of fifteen families within the congregation. 

The reponsibilities of the elders; they will concern themselves with the spiritual health of the congregation and its members. It shall:

  • Nuture and encourage the spiritual growth of the congregation members.
  • Serve as advisors and assistants to the Pastor in matters of worship and preaching, administration of the sacraments, and church discipline.
  • Serve as congregational representatives monitoring and advocating for the spiritual and emotional well being of the professional leadership of the congregation.


Jerry Williams - Elder Group 1 - Chino Valley/Paulden

Ron Derry - Elder Group 2 - Central/East Prescott

Dick Logan - Elder Group 3 - Central Prescott

Wayne Mailhiot - Chairman - 2016 - Elder Group 4 - Williamson Valley

Picture pending

Tom Williams - Elder Group 5 - South Prescott


Dave Stoltzmann - Elder Group 6 - Prescott Valley





Elder Assignment Schedule



Date/Time  Wed. 30th                      5:00PM                     Elders:                   Mailhiot


Date/Time: Sunday 4th          9:30AM                           Elders: T.Williams/J.Williams/ Mailhiot

Date/Time: Wed 7th  5:30PM                     Elders:                                                      J.Williams 

Date/Time: Sunday 11th   9:30AM                           Elders: Stoltzmann/Logan/Derry

Date/Time: Wed 14th   5:00PM   Elders:                   Mailhiot

Date/Time: Sunday 18th   9:30AM                           Elders: Stoltzmann/Mailhiot/ T.Williams 

Date/Time: Wed 21st   5:00PM  Elders:                   Logan   

Date/Time: Sat 24th   5:00PM                    Elders: Stoltzmann/Mailhiot/Derry

Date/Time: Sunday 25th   9:30AM                           Elders: T.Williams/Mailhiot/ J.Williams