Our Divine Services are a combination of hymns, praise music, and old favorites. The music is selected by our classically trained and accomplished pianist, Mrs. Cheri Warner. Cheri has been a life-long Missouri Synod Lutheran which allows her to understand the purpose of the different parts of the service. She uses this skill along with her praise band experience to bring the old into the new and to incorporate the wants, needs, desires, and abilities of this congregation. She regularly is applauded for her selection of singable music that enhances the worship service. 'Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!' Psalm 100:1-2 'God loves to hear us sing and we don't even need to be in key. Come praise our great God with us and sing!' ~Cheri

Our choir is under the direction of Ms. Liz Riley. Liz has been involved in the "music" scene in Prescott ever since she moved here in 1983.  She has directed, performed in, accompanied, and organized many groups, concerts, musicals, and small ensembles.  She taught music for several years in public schools from elementary through high school and is still teaching.  Right now she is adjunct faculty for the music department at Yavapai College, accompanies various choral groups, and takes in some private students.  Shepherd of the Hills choir is her 4th experience directing a church choir.  "I LOVE my church choirs...they are always the sweetest, most supportive and appreciative groups. Choir really is a small-group ministry where you will have fun 'making a joyful noise to the Lord' and will make wonderful friends in the process. I hope that whomever is reading this will consider joining our enthusiastic group!~Liz

Debbie Campbell teaches flute lessons and can be reached via the church office for further information.

Ed Cornett teaches drum, piano, keyboard, wind and string instruments and can be reached via the Church office for further information. Ed is an accomplished musician on 14 different instruments.

Choir Director Liz Riley

Shepherds Choir - Small but mighty and growing!