Our Story


Shepherd of the Hills Congregation was chartered in 1978 as a daughter congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, Prescott Valley, AZ and was served by a mission-minded pastor who was ultimately called as our first pastor. After several years worshiping in the basement of the Parsonage, the sanctuary was built on our current site. Several years later, the offices were moved from the parsonage basement across the parking lot to our new Fellowship Hall and Administrative Wing.

Since 1978 Shepherd of the Hills has called 3 pastors. Pastor, Elders and Council work together to accomplish the goals established by the Voters in the Spring and Fall Voters' Meetings.

In 2012 the congregation approved a change to the Constitution and Bylaws and incorporated the Flexible Missional Constitution and Bylaws concept. Elders now may serve 2 consecutive 2 year terms, then are required to take a respite year off before serving again. The Elders are very active in serving and assisting the pastor and their individual elder groups.

All Church Council members are elected each year. Committee Chairmen are appointed by the council. Ad hoc committes are appointed by the council as needed and serve for the duration of their appointed task.

We are currently "regrouping to grow". This new website is one of the changes that has been made with this in mind. Communciation between Pastor, Elders, Council and members has been an ongoing focus and is yielding positive results.